Natural History Museum Civic Realm Competition

The NHM seeks to inspire its millions of visitors to enquire into their relationship with the wonders of the natural world. It does this through world-class research programme, a brilliant team and the interpretation of an amazing collection.


In 2012 the museum created a Masterplan Development Framework, intended to serve as a charter to guide and underpin development at the NHM for the next 25 years. The delivery of framework is intentionally pragmatic, allowing the museum to focus on priorities and maintain operations so that research staff and visitors' needs are respected.


A key project for early delivery is a revived grounds - the re-ordering of the extensive gardens and access-ways in order to improve the visitor experience, enhance the setting of the Grade I listed building and reconcile the overlapping uses of the space. As an added benefit, the museum hopes to explore the potential for the grounds to contribute to the interpretative programme of the museum.


There are no pre-conceptions, although the exceptional quality of Waterhouse's work calls for a similarly outstanding landscape. It is anticipated that teams invited to develop a design approach at the second stage will have a number of areas of expertise.

Winner Announced

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