in collaboration with Gianni Botsford Architects, Langlands & Bell, Press & Starkey and Hockley & Dawson.


This scheme reflects the team's interest in the concept of boundary and its use to reinforce the relationship between the Cathedral's sacred Precincts and the outside world; it also seeks to underscore the importance of the concept of pilgrimage, as it is defined by the idea of a journey, and the significance ascribed to place.


The scheme proposes to improve the legibility of the sacred landscape, to enhance the setting of the Cathedral and its environs, and to increase the sense of wonder and drama in moving through and between the setting's sequence of ritual and non-ritual spaces. We propose to effect these improvements by enhancing the sense of enclosure within the Precincts and by celebrating the points of transition between the Precincts' ritual spaces and the world outside.


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