in collaboration with Austin Winkley & Associates, NORM, Biodiversity by Design, Noel Kingsbury and Jackson Coles Construction Consultants.


The project proposes an incremental series of interventions that build on the extraordinary qualities of the existing space to create a future layer of archaeology - wherever possible overlaying the existing rather than excavating.


Two rows of fruit trees are introduced to structure the southern and western edges of the precinct, giving a new legibility to the space. The trees form a cloister that mediates between the domestic scaled architecture of the bounding buildings and the Cathedral. The cloister will be formed of fruit trees found along the various pilgrimage routes from Canterbury to Rome, Santiago de Compostela, Rochester and Chichester. Contained within these trees and the southern face of the Cathedral is an extraordinary planted garth that directs visitors and presents the Cathedral over a rich biodiverse landscape.




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