in collaboration with Andrew Moor Associates, Thorn Lighting Limited and KLH Sustainability.


Landscape architectural consultancy Hyland Edgar Driver, has developed preliminary plans to renew the environment of Canterbury Cathedral Precincts. The proposals will provide a welcome for visitors and narrate Canterbury's historic, cultural and architectural stories through contemporary artworks in glass and stone.


The team includes glass art specialist Andrew Moor, who will work alongside Canterbury's clerics, archivists, and conservationists to capture fragments of history, theology and architecture. Deriving inspiration from the unique archives and glass art collections, the team will develop a pavement of etched "ledgers" (large flagstones) to form a new piazza, a Pilgrims' bench with drinking fountains and basins, and seasonal planting at the Cathedral's West Front. Works will restore lost flint walls, and reintroduce herbs and wildflowers to the Precincts. Existing materials will be reclaimed or recycled in a construction strategy by KLH Sustainability's Kirsten Henson and lighting realised by Jim Ashley-Down of Thorn Lighting.




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